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In recent years, with the increasing demand for steel from various industries such as the construction industry in the United States, the production capacity and technical requirements of Pre-painted steel coil in the United States is also increasing.

Most pre-painted steel coil suppliers have established new technical goals to meet user requirements for color-coated steel products and provide new, better-performing materials for the automotive, construction, and other industries. Including weldability, formability, and achieving lighter weight.

The development of new color-coated steel production capacity will rely on the construction of new facilities. On the other hand, as the United States has faced the retirement of old hot-dip galvanizing production lines in recent years, the addition of new capacity will not lead to excess coating capacity.

Products such as color-coated steel are steel products with rapid market demand growth in the United States in recent years. They are mainly used in the metal construction industry. In this field, up to 45% of products need to be imported from abroad. However, with the emergence of the local industry.

With the advancement of technology, the galvanizing capacity in the United States is expected to increase by more than 1.22 million tons/year, and the production capacity of pre-painted steel coil will increase by 467,000 tons/year.

The United States has more than 100 production and supply facilities for the steel industry with 400,000 workers.

In 2021, there was a 21% increase in steel production value, amounting to $110 billion. The steel production value in 2020 was 91 billion U.S. dollars.

This article mainly introduces the suppliers and traders of Pre-Painted Steel Coil in the USA

List of Pre-Painted Steel Coil Manufacturers In The USA

Randall Metals Corporation

Address: 10275 West Higgins Road Suite 410 Rosemont, IL 60018

Randall Metals Corporation was founded in 1985 as a sales company in Illinois, and in 1997 the company established its own factory and began producing a 48″ Stamco and a 14″ Rafter slitter.

In 2003 the company added a 62-inch Braner slitting line and opened a marine AS/IS warehouse in East Chicago. In 2013 most of our production and shipping moved to the East Chicago facility and a state-of-the-art 72″ Athader slitting line was installed.

Our Painted Steel Gauges range from .006 to .070 (our limit) in a variety of paint systems and popular colors. In addition to producing a wide range of high-quality pre-painted steel products, Randall Metals also provides value-added services such as slitting, shearing, blanking, and more.

Prepainted Metals LLC

Address: PO Box 1218,Plainfield, IL 60544

Established in 2005, Prepainted Metals LLC is a Midwest prepainted steel merchant. The company specializes in pre-painted steel for garage doors, service station canopies, building panels, and numerous finished products.

The company’s customer base spans the continental United States and also exports to countries such as Mexico and Canada.

The company has a professional service team and nearly 17 years of relevant experience, which can provide the most suitable solution. We have our own factory, which can deliver the products required by customers in the shortest time.

Coated Metals Group

Address: Madison

Coated Metals Group is a leading manufacturer of prefabricated steel for the construction industry. CMG was founded in 1983 and is headquartered in Verona, Wisconsin.

Pre-painted steel can be machined to customer requirements, including width and thickness, and can be supplied in standard 4’x10′ sizes, or machined to specified storage upon request. All products are made from tension-flat, ultra-smooth materials in a variety of gauges, paint finishes, and colors.

Headquartered in Verona, Wisconsin, CMG has now expanded to have factories across the country, each with state-of-the-art production equipment and extensive inventory, ensuring consistent, consistent product and reliable on-time delivery.

Majestic Steel USA

Address: 31099 Chagrin Blvd., Suite 150 Cleveland

Majestic Steel USA was founded in Ohio to initially distribute steel products throughout the United States. As the business grew and demand increased, the company expanded the factory to provide a throughput of 160 trucks per day.

The company has been mainly producing galvanized steel coil, color-coated steel, cold-rolled, hot-rolled, and other steel products, and has good sales and cooperative customers both at home and abroad.

Today, Majestic continues to disrupt traditional steel sourcing and continues to innovate to provide the company’s partners with strategic, responsive solutions to meet any market condition.

Maas Hansen Steel Company

Address: 5555 Garden Grove Blvd Suite #250 Westminster

Maas Hansen Steel Company was founded in 1929, moved to California in 1950, and in 2015 was acquired by Triple S Steel of Houston, Texas, but still operates under the Maas-Hansen Steel name to serve customers purchasing steel.

The company has two factories, nearly 270,000 square feet of warehouse and workshop, equipped with advanced levelers, shears, etc., and the slitting line can handle coils up to 50,000 pounds.

The company mainly produces galvanized steel coils, hot-rolled, cold-rolled and color-coated steel products. Prepainted steel is not only anti-corrosion treated, but also saves time for manufacturers by painting and maintaining temperature control facilities.

And different types of paint can be used according to the customer’s needs for gloss or weather resistance.


Address: 5746 Marlin Road

Founded in 1974, Rogers Steel Company serves customers primarily in the southeastern United States as a manufacturer of steel plates and coils.

The company’s pre-painted steel is coated with Sherwin-Williams Kynar 500 PVDF resin, which meets all physical property requirements, selected for its long-lasting durability, excellent color consistency, and good formability.

For the past 15 years, Rogers Steel Company has been supplying pre-painted coils and plates to a variety of industries. It has long been known for quality products, excellent customer service and competitive prices.

The company currently stocks many different grades, widths and specifications of pre-painted steel, which can be custom painted and processed according to customer specifications.

Lapham-Hickey Steel

Address: 5500 W 73rd St ,Bedford Park , IL 60638

Lapham-Hickey Steel was founded in 1926 and these relationships have given us the opportunity to serve customers in the steel industry for over 90 years.

The company has been supplying high-quality, durable pre-painted steel sheets and painted steel coils for nearly a century, and we produce pre-painted steel in premium finishes of uniform color, gloss, texture and thickness.

These durable products combine the strength, corrosion protection and color beauty of steel into your ideal product.

The color-coated steel products produced by the company are available in a variety of material thicknesses, widths and lengths, and the company also provides value-added services such as multi-blanking and slitting. All products manufactured by the company are ISO 9001:2015 compliant.

American Steel Trade

Address: 1801 NE 123rd Street Suite 325, North Miami

U.S. Steel Trading is a leader in the distribution of U.S.-European steel long and flat steel products.

The company’s many years of experience as a global trader enable them to connect with customers all over the world and a wide range of suppliers. Also guaranteed to help our customers find the product that best suits their needs.

The company has its own factory and warehouse, which can formulate the best solution for customers. The color-coated steel produced by the company can be customized by customers, and there are a variety of coatings and colors to choose from.

United Steel Supply, LLC

Address: Austin, Texas, United States

United Steel Supply, LLC is a top processor and supplier of steel products in the USA. Will Waldrip and Bret Curtis are behind its success. The company has its corporate office in Austin.

Their four warehouses have a variety of stocks of pre-painted Galvalume and acrylic-coated steel coils. Their pre-painted steel coils have three paint coatings: Fluoropolymer paint coating, SMP Weather XL™ coating, and polyester coating.  

USS uses at least 25% recycled materials in making their pre-painted steel coils that are 100% recyclable after years of use. These products have a lifespan of more than 40 years without the need for repair and replacement.

Vision Metals, LLC

Address: Tucker, Georgia, United States

Three business partners founded Vision Metals, LLC in 2010 to provide high-quality steel products and services to customers across the USA. The company consistently maintains a production capacity of 4,000 metric tons of steel products.

Vision Metals specializes in producing pre-painted, coated, and HR/HRPO coil products. Their 30,000 square foot production facility boasts its Braner USA ™ 25-ton by 60 inches vast light gauge slitter machine, turnstile, and automated packaging line.

Their pre-painted steel coils have a width and gauge thickness combination ranging from 0.008 to 3/8 inches. They accept customization of steel coil dimensions from 1.00 inches to 4.00 inches.

Alliance Metal Products

Address: Birmingham, Alabama, United States

Alliance Metal Products is home to high-quality pre-painted steel coils. They offer a wide range of products and services for various industries in the USA.  

Alliance Metal Products has a wide array of steel coils that come in 25 shades. These coils are in Trinar paint, siliconized polyester, and polyester paint systems.

Their coil coating has a superior finish, which is flexible and durable against traumas during storage, forming, handling, installation, and fabrication.

The company also holds programs and offers single-bill stock for pre-painted steel to allow customers to lower their inventory costs. Their services include slitting, leveling, blanking, embossing, and single invoice pre-painting.

Mill Steel Company

Address: Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States

Mill Steel Company had its humble beginning in 1959 when Harry Samrick created it with a desk, a phone, and a business idea. It is one of the leading privately-owned companies in Michigan.  

Since its inception, it has become a leading, coated, flat-rolled steel supplier in North America. Mill Steel has five processing plants across the country. The company has annual revenue of $775 million.

Their pre-painted steel coils have coatings in Sherwin-Williams WeatherXL and Polyester. Custom color codes are available according to customer requests. The coils have a width of up to 72 inches and the gauge range from .010″ to 0.399.″

3GM Steel Inc

Address: Somerset, Kentucky, United States

3GM Steel Inc. is a family entity that specializes in pre-painted Galvalume, galvanized, and bare steel oils. They offer stocking programs and customized services for various structural grades ranging from ASTM A792 Gr. 80 & Gr. 50.

Stocks are available for 26 and 29-gauge pre-painted steel coils in 30 standard colors with a 40-year paint system warranty.

The company has a large inventory of selected colors of 29-gauge pre-painted steel coils with a 10-year RMP system. Their acrylic pre-painted coils include gauges 26 and 29 with a 25-year warranty.

3GM Steel stocks ASTM A792 / A792M Galvalume substrate steel coils.

Schafer & Company

Address: Denver, Colorado, United States

Schafer and Company began its operation in 1976 as a representative of building manufacturers. The Company was ASC-Pacific’s marketing arm when it opened its metal manufacturing factory 40 years ago.  

Schafer and Company is the largest specialty supplier of metals in Colorado. They have supplied materials to the Colorado State Capitol and The Ritz Carlton.

The bulk of their pre-painted steel coils and flat sheets come from Petersen (Carlisle Company). These products are in 24 gauges, Kymer steel and 0.32 (aluminum).

They have a wide selection of coils in 26 gauges and 24 gauges (0.32 and 0.40mm) with a 20-year tight watertight warranty.


Did you find where to source your pre-painted steel coils from the USA? We believe Mill Steel Company can provide answers to your architectural and building needs. This manufacturer produces durable pre-painted steel coils in their five processing plants. They have an extensive catalog of pre-painted steel coils with coatings from reliable paint brands.

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