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Before you place an order, you may want to find the most suitable supplier. Russian steel occupies an important part of the world’s steel industry.

This article will introduce you to Russian steel coil suppliers. It contains the company name, address, and main products. Hope it can help you.

List of PPGI Coil & Galvanized Steel Coil Manufacturers in Russia

Joint Stock Company STALPROKAT

Address: Russia, Moscow, Volgogradsky prospect, 47, office 421

Joint Stock Company STALPROKAT is one of the largest suppliers of high-quality rolled metal products in Russia. It is produced in strict accordance with international quality standards and can provide most metal products. It is Russia’s advanced metal production and wholesale base.

The company covers an area of 35,000 square meters, has 7 metal production and processing lines, and has 3 metal processing centers in Russia, which process more than 120,000 tons of products each year.

The standard of the company’s galvanized steel to be polymer-coated is GOST 14918-80. Its specification thickness is 0.25-1.8mm, and the coatings are LKP, PZP, and LKPOT.

Main products:

  • Galvanized Steel coil,
  • PPGL Steel coil,
  • Galvanized Steel with Polymeric Coating.


Address: 162608, Mira, 30, Vologda, Russia

Severstal is one of the largest metallurgical companies in the world, including the most extensive steel mill products. The company’s biggest advantage is high value-added high-tech customized products, which can provide customers with unique solutions and new service models.

The company’s products comply with the international standard ISO 9001:2015, and in 2005 it won the Russian government award for product quality and service advantages.

The weight of the polymer-coated steel coil produced by the company is 5-20 tons, and the product specifications are 1100-2200mm in outer diameter and 600-620mm in inner diameter. The thickness is 0.35-1.5mm, and the width is 900-1500mm.

The weight of the galvanized steel coil produced by the company is 5-20 tons, the product specification thickness is 0.30-2.00mm, and the width is 900-1500mm.

Main products:

  • Galvanized rolled product with polymer coating,
  • PPGL Steel coil,
  • Galvanized (mild) steel.

Novametall Trade

Address: Moscow region, Ivanteevka, Trudovaya street 3B.

Novametall Trade is a steel and metal trader located in Moscow, Russia, with rich experience and professional staff. The company wholesales 2-60mm thin plates and has many types of rolled metal products. It cooperates with MTK-STROY and provides a full range of services.

The company has specialized logistics services that can be shipped to any place in Russia with fast delivery.

The raw material of the galvanized steel coil produced by the company is low alloy or carbon. Product specification thickness 0.5-2.5mm, width 710-1800mm. The thickness of the zinc layer of the polymer-coated steel coil produced by the company is 10-60 microns.

Main products:

  • Galvanized Steel coil,
  • PPGL Steel coil,
  • Galvanized Steel with Polymeric Coating.

Mitsui & Co. Moscow LLC

Address: 10 Presnenskaya Naberezhnaya, Moscow, 123112, Russia

Mitsui & Co. Moscow LLC was established in 2004 and is headquartered in Moscow. It is one of the most diversified trading companies in the world. The company mainly provides steel products, metal resources, and machinery and infrastructure.

The steel products and flat steel products produced by the company are of excellent quality and high-quality services. It is a giant in the Russian steel industry.

Main products:

  • Hot-rolled sheet,
  • cold-rolled sheet,
  • PPGL sheet,
  • coated sheet.

ООО «Металлкоутинг»

Address: 115230, Moscow, Chlebozavodsky str. 7, building 10

Металлкоутинг has more than ten years of experience in the production and supply of steel products. The factory is located in Bolokhovsky Machinery Manufacturing Plant, with complete infrastructure and diverse products.

The company accepts small wholesale and retail, has specialized logistics, and can provide door-to-door service. The company has been committed to improving its competitiveness in speed, efficiency, and cost control, and continues to build a strong supplier of steel products.

The coating types of the steel coils with polymer coatings produced by the company include PU, RU, PVDF, and PVC.

Main products:

  • Galvanized Steel coil,
  • PPGL Steel coil,
  • Coating Galvanized Steel.


Address: 455007, Magnitogorsk, st. Grounds, 10 Building 1

Ural Metal Company was established in 2006 and passed the ISO quality management certification in 2013.

The company mainly cuts metal products, which are used in different production areas. It is one of the high-quality suppliers of steel and metal products in Russia.

The specifications of the galvanized steel coils produced by the company are 900-1500mm in width and 0.3-2.0mm in thickness. The weight of the coil is 15-20 tons.

The specifications of the company’s pre-painted galvanized coils are 360-1500mm in width and 0.3-2.0mm in thickness.

Main products:

  • Color-coated steel coil,
  • Galvanized steel coil.

MMK Group

Address: 93 Kirov St. Magnitogorsk Chelyabinsk region Russia 455000

MMK is one of the world’s largest ferrous metal producers and one of Russia’s leading steel companies. It accounts for about one-fifth of the Russian market. Is one of the world’s major steel manufacturers.

The company has an annual output of more than 25 million tons and sales of approximately US$7.5 billion.

The company enjoys a high reputation in the steel trade industry, and customers give very high evaluations.

Main products:

  • coated steel products,
  • PPGL Steel coil,
  • Hot-dip galvanized products.


Novametall Trade

Novametall Trade is a trading company that has developed into one of the merchants with the most complete varieties and specifications. The company insists on striving for survival by quality, seeking development by honesty, sincerely creating value for customers, and providing customers with high-quality and reliable products and wholehearted service.

MMK Group

The company has a long history and rich experience. The company has a first-class marketing service system, strong warehousing, and transportation capabilities, and supporting supply, cutting, and distribution capabilities, and gradually build it into an important marketing channel.

The company has achieved a good reputation in the steel industry with its competitive advantages of complete varieties, complete specifications, excellent prices, good quality, and good service.

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The above is a collection of Russian steel coil suppliers. Do you have a better understanding of the Russian steel coil industry? Our website has more knowledge about galvanized steel coil and galvanized steel with polymeric coating coil. I hope it can be helpful to everyone, thank you for reading!

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