DX54D is alloyed hot-dip galvanized steel, which is a kind of shallow-stretched galvanized steel processed with DC04 as the base material, and the surface is plated with a layer of zinc.

D—Stamping Steel
X—cold rolled or hot rolled
54 – Stamping class (the higher the number, the better the stamping performance)
D – hot-dip coated steel plate

Alloyed high-grade steel DX54D is available in the following hot-dip coatings: DX54D+Z (galvanized), DX54D+ZF (galvanized-iron), DX54D+ZA (galvanized-aluminum), DX54D+AZ (aluminum-zinc), DX54D +AS (aluminum-silicon-coated).

Technical requirements of DX54D

  1. Mechanical properties
    In order to meet the needs of ultra-deep drawing, in addition to the low yield strength and high elongation specified in the standard, higher r and n values are also required.
  2. Plating
    The coating and the substrate should have strong adhesion, and should not fall off during stamping deformation, and have good welding performance and corrosion resistance.
  3. surface
    Generally, the surface is required to be smooth and smooth to ensure that the surface is bright and beautiful after painting, and there are certain requirements for the surface roughness, because it will affect the stamping performance of the material and the adhesion of the paint film.

Chemical composition of DX54D steel

max   0.12max   0.5max   0.6max   0.1max   0.045max   0.3

Mechanical properties of steel DX54D

Rm - Tensile strength (MPa)260-360
Rp0.2 0.2% proof strength (MPa)120-220
A - Min. elongation Lo = 80 mm (%)34-36

Application industry

It is used for stamping and manufacturing deep-drawn forming parts, such as front floor, rear floor, wheel well inner panels, left and right side shelves, left and right fender inner panels, and can be used for stamping engines
Hood outer panel, top cover outer panel, left and right fenders, etc.


DX54D is a type of ultra-deep-drawing hot-dip galvanized steel sheet in the DIN EN10142 standard, generally produced with IF steel. Due to the different treatment methods of the coating technology, the surface states presented are also different, including ordinary spangle, fine spangle, flat spangle, and no spangle.

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